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Clients who desire online real time access can place, track, and receive orders via our ENGAGE portal. Our proprietary systems ensure all parties to the appraisal transaction can manage the assignments accurately and efficiently. If you do not have an existing login please email to inquire.


We offer the entire spectrum of residential appraisal products and services. Our appraisers are primarily Certified and HUD approved. We can provide appraisal reports specifically designed to meet the needs of Lenders, Attorneys, Accountants, Government Agencies, or private property owners. Our SVP of Residential Valuation – Ken Milutin - can provide additional information to existing or prospective clients.


Our commercial real estate division has experience in a wide variety of property types including but not limited to: Subdivisions, Office, Retail, Industrial, Agricultural, Special Use, Eminent Domain, and Easements. Our client profile is as diverse as the properties we appraise. Click here to fill out a commercial appraisal bid request online – or email your bid request form to You may also contact our SVP of Commercial Valuation – Bruce Di Cintio – with any questions about our services.


Litigation and ConsultingLITIGATION & CONSULTING
Not all real estate appraisal services are "off the shelf". Our team is responsive to unique circumstances related to litigation and other consulting assignments. Ken Milutin or Bruce Di Cintio can offer guidance and assistance for any residential or commercial assignments respectively.


A famous Chinese curse proclaims "may you live in interesting times". Certainly the current appraisal regulatory climate is indeed interesting. We at The Trice Group welcome the opportunity to assist lending institutions with broad scale appraisal solutions that provide compliance with appraiser independence requirements. Our transaction management systems and support team allow clients to use The Trice Group as their appraisal solution. Contact Lee Trice to discuss how we can help.